February 21, 2024

Addiction, Crime and the Role Rehabs Can Play

There is no lack of news over people getting into criminal activity while under the influence of addictive substances. They not only get into wrong things but also get victimized. Every single year multiple indigenous missing women are reported and there are many drugs related cases. This specific ethnic group has suffered enough and also has lost enough. It is easier for them to get addicted to substances to cope up with their harsh reality and pain of loss and dislocation. Some of these women are lured in with the promise of a place to stay or a provision of drugs. The only way to keep them safe is by bringing them out of addiction. While their life journey and back story is tough, the journey from addiction to healthy life is even tougher. They require both medical and mental health to deal with everything they have faced and are going through. As things have already been tough for them, they need people who can actually understand them and provide the support that they deserve to get a second lease at life. 

The Role Of Rehabs

Many people take rehabs to be like something similar to a jail where addicts are contained until they finally surrender and come out of it. But the reality is something else. Addiction is much deeper than just a few shots of alcohol or drugs. There lies more within than anyone can even imagine. The problem with addiction is that most people have less knowledge and they just believe something that they have heard. Addiction can be treated and the addicts can definitely make it to the healthier side of life with proper help. Along with treating addiction, rehabs also treat underlying issues including mental health problems. Treating those underlying causes helps with much better result.

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