February 21, 2024

Dental implants have seven major advantages.

Dental implants are a permanent solution for missing teeth because of their strength and durability. Since dental implant restorations replace the entire tooth, from root to crown, they improve more than just your smile and oral health; they also boost your self-confidence and general happiness. Discuss your best option with your Denver family dentist.

Considered among the best advantages of dental implants are those listed below.

Pure Appearance and Texture

Dental implant restorations can now look, feel, and operate much like natural teeth because of advancements in dental technology. Each one is made specifically for the individual patient, considering their teeth and any existing dental issues. When replacing missing teeth, nothing beats the convenience and longevity of dental implants. And cosmetically, no one may even know that you’re wearing false teeth.

Stop Bone Decay

When an adult tooth is lost, the surrounding bone tissue gradually deteriorates since the tooth’s root was formerly there to stimulate bone growth. Once bone is gone, it can’t be replaced, and the teeth next to the gap could shift position to try and fill it. Eventually, missing teeth can cause your face to collapse, giving you a sunken look.

The titanium rod of a dental implant replaces the natural tooth’s root and promotes bone formation through a process called osseointegration. This reduces the risk of bone loss, tooth mobility, and face collapse.

Turn on the Ability for Normative Speech

Dentures and other methods of replacing missing teeth can alter a person’s pronunciation. Loss of front teeth can lead to a lisp, and loose dentures can lead to slurring or lisping when speaking. To continuously fret over how you sound is both embarrassing and a source of distraction.

Crowned dental implants or dentures secured to implants will provide your tongue something solid to rest against as you speak. Their secure placement keeps them from moving around while you converse. With dental implants, you can talk with ease and clarity.

Dental implants are long-lasting because they are sturdy, strong, and well-made. Implants restore teeth by acting as a substitute for the tooth’s root. When they have fused with the jawbone, as dental implants do, they have higher “survival rates” than other tooth replacement methods. When implanted and cared for properly, dental implants have a lifelong lifespan.

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