February 21, 2024

Dicey about choosing hemp seed oil for you? Look at the benefits first

Nowadays, you could many hemp products India. Cannabis sativa seeds are used to make hemp seed oil via a cold-pressing technique that ensures all the oil’s nutrients are intact. It is considered a great source of protein, fatty acids, and other necessary compounds.

However, do know that hemp is a variety of the Cannabis sativa (C. sativa) plant. Hemp seed oil and CBD oil are both extracted from the same plant. However, contrary to what its name suggests, the hemp seed oil is made from the plant’s seeds, not the actual plant. Because of this, hemp seed oil typically has zero THC or CBD (cannabidiol). Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is popularly known as the main psychoactive substance that causes the high. Thanks to word-of-mouth marketing, its benefits are making the rounds in many circles. If you are unsure about choosing hemp seed oil, thinking it is only meant as a wellness supplement, think again. We have narrowed down a few benefits of hemp seed oil that we bet you didn’t know about.

Perfect for Women: PMS, menopause, and hormonal imbalance are among the problems that hemp seed oil helps to manage. Gamma-linolenic acid, which is present in the oil and is converted by the body into prostaglandin, a protective hormone. This helps to maintain a healthy hormonal balance and supports menopausal health while easing PMS symptoms.

Compared to most other oils, the hemp seed oil is more nutritious: The body needs minerals like potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, and calcium, all of which are abundant in hemp seed oil. Only 20% of hemp oil’s fatty acids are undesirable saturated fats; the remaining 80% are unsaturated. Along with that, it contains the ideal ratio of fatty acids and Omega-3 and Omega-6 which are required for the good functioning of your immune system and for cardiovascular health.

Great for your hair: Hemp oil helps to make hair silkier and shinier since it includes ceramides, a crucial component of most conditioners. The hemp seed oil contains amino acids and fatty acids that strengthen hair, increase blood flow, and hydrate the scalp. What’s better is you won’t feel the stickiness on your scalp as it rapidly absorbs the scalp and hair. Up to 90% of the keratin that makes up hair is a protein. Hemp seed oil offers protein for hair, and using it as part of a diet is even better.

Can be added to your skincare as well: Hemp seed oil is nutritious and very beneficial for dry, irritated, and flaky skin. As a result, it is used in cosmetics like lip balms, lotions, and soaps in the west. According to studies, atopic dermatitis, eczema, and other skin inflammations may be treated using hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil can easily reach the blood cells and the outermost layer of skin. This is feasible because the fatty acids that make up the mixture are in the ideal ratio for our body to accept.

Helps to elevate your mood: For the brain to operate properly, fatty acids are crucial. Endocannabinoids, which assist in elevating mood, and lessening anxiety and sadness, are also present in hemp seed oil. Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to help with the symptoms of ADHD and bipolar illness.

High in antioxidants and vitamin E: Your DNA and cells are protected by hemp seed oil, which also helps promote general health. In addition to preventing the telltale signs of ageing skin, vitamin E is essential for having healthy skin.

Lowers your Cholesterol: The outside food you eat that you call purely sin will someday cause your cholestrol to increase. Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, in particular, which are found in hemp seed oil, can lower the body’s cholesterol levels. Alpha-linolenic acid, another component of the oil, speeds up our metabolism. Fats burn more quickly and there is less fat buildup in the arteries when metabolism is faster.


Moderate Blood Sugar Levels: Diabetes sufferers benefit from hemp seed oil’s ability to control blood sugar. It helps lower blood sugar because it has little glucose and carbohydrate content and speeds up metabolism.

Eases the pain of arthritis: Gamma- and alpha-linolenic acids found in hemp seed oil have anti-inflammatory properties. Based on it, some research was conducted, and the findings revealed that individuals with arthritis experienced a 25% reduction in pain after consuming hemp oil. As a result, people who routinely apply the oil have been able to find relief from arthritic symptoms.


Recently, there has been a significant improvement in knowledge of hemp products India and research into hemp seed oil’s remarkable nutritional worth. Amino acids, fatty acids, phytonutrients, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory qualities in hemp seed oil make it a nutrient-rich food that can improve general health in a variety of ways. Whether hemp seed oil is suitable for your current condition or not depends on various factors. This is why you should consult with the doctor before taking it. Hempstrol is one such brand that provides online medical consultations to consumers who are confused about hemp seed oil or other hemp-based products and helps them buy hemp products in India.

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