April 21, 2024

Facts About Teeth Whitening That You Should Be Aware Of

Before diving into the facts of teeth whitening, you should be aware that having white teeth is not natural. Most people’s teeth vary in color and tints, which can be due to various factors.

Preventing tooth discoloration can be hard for most of us, and we could fight a losing battle. If you drink tea, coffee, or red wine frequently, you know how difficult it is to avoid these stain-inducing beverages. If you are concerned about your teeth stain, contact a dentist in Gulf Breeze, FL. 

Facts about teeth whitening that you should be aware of

When bleaching teeth, hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide are typically used. An oxidation process destroys the staining agents.

  • How teeth get discolored

Your teeth color may alter due to a variety of causes. Commonly, eating certain foods and drinking certain liquids may alter the color of your teeth. You can stain your teeth with red wine, coffee, or tea. These beverages include pigments that adhere to the enamel of your teeth. Brown and yellow stains arise from nicotine and tar contained in cigarette products, respectively.

Some medications like antibiotics, antihistamines, high blood pressure medicines, or chemotherapy can also make your teeth discolored.

  • Tooth whitening does not work on every tooth

Usually, yellow teeth will bleach effectively, brown teeth will bleach considerably less well, and grey or purple teeth may not bleach at all. If you have a medication- or injury-related discoloration, whitening treatments may not work as well for you.

Additionally, teeth whitening will not affect any crowns, fillings, caps, or veneers you may have.

  • Possible side effects

Tooth sensitivity is the most frequent adverse reaction to the application of whitening agents. This occurs when the bleaching chemical penetrates the enamel and irritates the tooth’s nerve. Once the impact wears off, you can try the application again because it is temporary.

Keep in mind that going overboard might harm your gums or tooth enamel. Instead, follow the instruction label on the box or talk to your dentist.

  • You might need more than one session.

If you are whitening your teeth for the first time, be aware that removing every stain from your teeth might require more than one session.

Getting the pearly white teeth you aimed for might take a few days or months. Try being patient during this process because keeping your teeth white will be much simpler once they are stained-free.

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