February 21, 2024

Getting Composite Fillings in Powell, TN: What Benefits Can You Enjoy?

Tooth decay is an issue that must be taken seriously. You can only be free of this issue when you get dental treatments. Tooth sensitivity, pain, and staining will get worse without proper oral hygiene and care. When you visit your dentist in Powell, TN, one of the dental solutions they may recommend is composite fillings, which tend to effectively and safely treat cavities. Cavities are common dental complications experienced by people across the globe. Composite fillings contain high-grade, biocompatible material that offers patients a restorative solution that feels and looks natural. Learn about their benefits below:

Natural Appearance

Whenever you need dental fillings, you want those that look like your natural teeth. The color of composite fillings is matched to the specific shade of your teeth, making them invisible when you smile.

Decreased Teeth Sensitivity

Normally, you would feel mild sensitivity after you get a filling. However, the use of composite resin reduces such discomfort. While other materials tend to contract and expand when exposed to temperatures, composite fillings stay constant and protect your tooth from cold or hot temperatures. 

Efficiency and Versatility

Often, composite filling sets in quickly. Also, composite fillings require less drilling than fillings made of amalgam. Composite resin can be used for other dental solutions apart from filling cavities. It can be used as a bonding material for chipped or cracked teeth. 


Composite fillings tend to cost less than other filling materials, such as porcelain. Also, it offers a considerable improvement over amalgam fillings. 


The use of composite fillings helps patients avoid problems with mercury contained in amalgam fillings. Silver amalgam is composed of mercury, which is a toxic substance. But the amount of this substance in the filling is minuscule. 


Some dental fillings degrade over time due to grinding, general wear and tear, as well as chewing. Your dentist can repair your composite fillings, which means you won’t require a new dental restoration. Also, your dentist can use composite resin to replace amalgam filings that may be damaged or when you want a composite filling’s natural look. 

You can avoid having tooth decay when you regularly brush and floss your teeth, visit your dentist at least twice every year, and maintain a healthy diet. But if you have a cavity, you should schedule an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible. Composite fillings are a resilient and minimally invasive dental treatment option. 

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