January 30, 2023

Getting Fixed Dental Bridges in Wichita Falls: Is This Restorative Treatment Option for You?

If you have missing teeth, dental implants are a great restorative treatment option. But not all patients can benefit from these implants. A Wichita Falls dentist will determine if you are a good candidate for dental implants. If you are not, your dentist will recommend an alternative to implants, such as a fixed dental bridge. This post talks about this alternative:

How a Dental Bridge Works

A fixed dental bridge is designed to bridge the gap between your teeth due to a missing tooth. The healthy teeth at every side of the gap will anchor the artificial bridge. But if the remaining teeth are not enough, dental implants can serve as anchors. When you choose to have a dental bridge placed in your mouth, you may need to visit your dentist many times. 

Benefits of Dental Bridges

Fixed dental bridges offer both functional and aesthetic benefits. Because they are fully fixed in the mouth, they will not slip while you eat or chew food. Therefore, you won’t have to observe some food restrictions when you get fixed dental bridges. Also, wearing a dental bridge can help you speak more clearly, even if you have lost a tooth.

In terms of aesthetics, dental laboratory technicians can make dental bridges from porcelain to make them look like your natural teeth. Also, a fixed dental bridge can enhance the look of the supporting teeth and prevent the remaining teeth from shifting toward the gap in the mouth.

Moreover, dental bridges are comfortable as well as easy to maintain and adjust. The procedure is quite straightforward and may be done within a few weeks. Placing dental implants can take months because of the 3-4 months healing period. 

Disadvantages of Fixed Dental Bridges

A fixed dental bridge is only an option for those with a few missing teeth. Unlike a dental implant, it is not self-supporting and depends on neighboring teeth. Therefore, there should be healthy teeth near the specific area to be bridged. Additionally, the bone underneath the false teeth is not stimulated, so it may deteriorate over time, impacting your smile’s look. Also, fixed dental bridges require extensive maintenance and care.

Fixed dental bridges may help prevent issues caused by missing teeth. Although keeping the surrounding teeth from shifting towards the open space created, they can fix an imperfect smile and help you speak and chew food properly. As dental bridges fit most dental needs, you should be able to get the best kind fitted to your specific needs.