July 20, 2024

Guidelines To Choose The Best Hair Transplant Surgeon in India

During hair transplant surgery, donor region hair grafts are extracted and subsequently implanted into the bald area. The procedure may only be performed on patients who have the appropriate level of hair density at the donor site.

Hair transplant techniques involve more than merely transferring hair grafts at random from the donor area to the bald area; they also involve making decisions that are critical to the outcome of the operation. Thus, selecting a qualified hair transplant surgeon is an important step that needs to be taken carefully.

Hair transplant in India has a boom as a result of the nation’s rising need for the procedure. Due to the fact that India is home to some of the top hair transplant doctors, individuals from all over the world choose to get hair transplants there. Some of the most well-known hair transplant doctors have successfully established themselves as the greatest in the world. Furthermore, the hair transplant cost in India has dropped dramatically, drawing tourists seeking hair transplants from all over the world.

One of India’s most renowned, cunning, and expert hair transplant surgeons is Dr. Suneet Soni.  His efforts, knowledge, and proficiency in the field of hair transplantation are much valued. With an impressive 17 years of expertise, he has successfully completed over 10000 hair transplant procedures. He frequently receives awards for quality and knowledge at national and international conventions. Due to his excellent success rate, he is one of the most sought-after hair transplant surgeons. 


It is important to understand that a hair transplant is not the same as a technique that will restore your damaged hair follicles or halt the further loss of hair. A hair follicle that is lost only once is permanently gone. The sole goal of the hair transplant procedure is to replace the recipient’s bald region with existing hair from the donor area, which is often the back and sides of the head or any other body portion. 


For Medispa hair transplant clinics, a successful hair transplant means something different. “We do not consider the best hair transplant outcomes to be a success; rather, it must also take the patient’s total comfort and pleasure into account.” For a hair transplant to be effective, every tiny detail matters greatly. We search for any innovation that might make getting a hair transplant a soothing experience for you. One such dread is the feeling of agony associated with any medical treatment, while another is an injection phobia. What if we told you that Medispa assures a painless hair transplant and just requires one local anesthetic injection throughout the whole process? 

Prior to the treatment, a unique combination of anesthetic medications created by Dr. Suneet Soni is administered locally into both the recipient and donor areas. This cocktail anesthetic’s unique quality is that it is only administered once throughout the entire process, lasting around 12 hours. Because hair transplantation is a time-consuming surgery, this eliminates the need for repeated injections at the donor and recipient sites, as is the case in other clinics.

How can I locate the top surgeon for hair transplants? 

If you’re looking for the best hair transplant surgeon in India, make a list of the conditions that the clinic and the doctor you select need to fulfil in order to provide the best results. The following are some things to think about while selecting a hair transplant surgeon:

  1.  The qualifications of the surgeon are important: Everyone who decides to have a hair transplant due to hair loss wants to be able to flaunt their results. This goal is much more likely to be realized thanks to the surgeon’s credentials because training and experience are two of the most crucial elements of any surgical procedure, including hair transplants. Surgeon training and experience provide for keen observation and the right approach—two essential elements of successful results. As such, it is crucial to take into account not just the surgeon’s number of surgeries performed but also their qualifications and expertise. These days, selecting the finest alternative is made feasible by the ease of access to internet information. Make use of recent technological advancements and innovations to select the best process for hair transplant.
  2. The surgeon’s proficiency: A surgeon’s skill distinguishes him from other surgeons within a group of people with comparable training. Since hair transplantation is a precise procedure involving excellent surgical talents and an artistic sense, a high degree of experience is required. For cosmetic procedures like hair transplants, a surgeon’s artistic vision is necessary to achieve natural results. Consequently, selecting a hair transplant surgeon who understands aesthetics might be an added bonus for ensuring results that seem natural.
  3. The prior patient’s history: Pictures speak louder than words and are crucial information when assessing the outcome. To confirm the expected results, it is crucial to review the chosen surgeon’s picture and video galleries. The testimony may also be helpful in bolstering the conclusions. Never hesitate to obtain the contact details of previous customers who are willing to talk about their hair transplant experience.
  4. Comfort level with staff and surgeon: Patients are more inclined to trust a surgeon they feel comfortable with. Because of this, it’s important to gauge how comfortable you are with the hair transplant surgeon because you might need to ask them a lot of questions prior to the treatment. So, it makes more sense to pick a place where you’re comfortable and at peace. 
  5. External validation and feedback: In light of the increasing prevalence of unethical practices in contemporary society, it is prudent to verify the qualifications and authorization of the surgeon and the clinics. The medical board can provide you with the following certification, attesting to the legitimacy of your choice.

With Medispa hair transplant clinic, you could be sure to receive the best. We use the latest techniques to provide an excellent and hassle free hair transplant. We perform Giga session that is competent to provide you a high density hair transplant in high grade baldness cases. In this technique, we use the hair grafts from the scalp and body including the chest, beard and possibly pubic area that could provide more than 5000 hair grafts in single session. In order to avoid the damage to the hair grafts using the FUE technique, the hair roots are harvested with an innovative machine termed Trivillini machine. 

It is important to keep in mind that hair transplantation is a medical process, and that any surgery has some risk involved in case it is not performed in accordance with stringent guidelines. The sensitivity of the operation has been mostly disregarded in its marketing, which has presented it as a simply cosmetic surgery. As a result, it is usually preferable to deliberate carefully before acting hastily. 

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