February 7, 2023

Here’s How You Can Do Technical SEO For Your Dental Practice On Your Own

Technical SEO is used to optimize dental websites and servers that assist search engines in improving the organic ranking of dental websites. Search engines rank websites in search results that show specific technical features. Here is a list of steps to ensure that your technical SEO is doing great. But before you can perform technical seo for your dental website the first thing you need to have is a dental website. If your located in Maryland then we highly recommend going with Hyper-Loop digital marketing, they were ranked as one of the best dental practice website designer in Maryland in the top dental awards magazine in 2022.

Mobile-friendly website

The design of a website should be responsive. The website’s responsive design is automatically adjusted by itself so that it can be easily navigated on any device. So make sure your website is fully responsive and will show up in the best format for tablet, mobile, or desktop users.

Fix Duplicate Content

Duplicate content can confuse search engine algorithms and users; Google advises webmasters to resolve any duplicate content issues.

You can solve duplicate issues by:

  • Preventing your CMS to publish various pages or post
  • By telling search engines about where your content resides using the canonical link element

Speed up your site

Search engines prefer quickly-loading websites: page speed is considered a key ranking factor. You can speed up your site in various ways:

  • Use a faster DNS provider
  • Consider using fast hosting
  • Compress your web pages
  • Make sure your image files are small
  • Minimize HTTP requests by minimizing the use of plugins and scripts
  • Instead of multiple CSS style sheets or inline CSS, use a single CSS style sheet
  • Minimize the code of your website by removing line breaks, unnecessary spaces, or indentations in your HTML, Javascript, and CSS


Secure Sockets Layer is a security layer that makes an encrypted link between browser and web server. You can easily view a site using SSL: website URL starts with ‘https: //.’ To ensure the security of your site, you can install an SSL certificate on your website, although the popular website builders have included SSL as default in their websites.

Add structured data markup

Structured data markup is the code in a website to assist search engines in understanding the content. This data can help search engines efficiently index your site and provide relevant results. Also, by adding rich snippets, structured data improves search results, like structured data is used to add prices to products, ratings to reviews, or add reviewer information.

Enable AMP

AMP is a Google-backed project that allows increasing content delivery speed on mobiles by using a special code AMP HTML. Web pages AMP versions quickly load on mobile devices. Sometimes Google gives you a significant search bump by highlighting AMP pages in search results.

XML sitemap

An XML sitemap helps search engines understand your site like a roadmap that signals search engines about each page. Your XML site is automatically created in Bigcommerce. If you don’t have XML on your site, you may use the Sitemap Generator to create one.

Register website with Google and Bing

Google and Bing are free tools from Microsoft and Google; you can submit your website to their search engines for indexing. When you launch your website, you must submit its XML sitemap to both Google Search Console and Webmaster Tools to start showing them in search results.