February 21, 2024

Homemade Guide For Parents For Drugs Paraphernalia 

It is a well-accepted fact that the surrounding environment of an individual contributes to his drug addiction to a huge extent. If the child is subject to a lot of pressure or bad parenting and regular abuse, he is bound to find an escape from drug abuse. Such children are initiated into drugs as a coping mechanism to the harsh reality of their world. 

Notwithstanding the dystopia of their world, it can never be discounted that drug abuse is toxic and it must be avoided at all cost. Parents can help their children quit drugs, but sometimes it becomes very difficult to decipher whether their child is abusing drugs or not. The latter part of this article will give you pointers regarding the drug abuse symptoms. 

Teenagers use tin foil pipes to consume drugs but it is like a double-edged sword because not only are they inhaling the noxious fumes of drugs, but they are also at significant risk of inhaling the other chemicals which may be present in the foil. The best way to deal with drug addiction is through Detox to Rehab. 

They are experienced in atoning their patients of drug abuse. They take the help of interactive sessions along with articles and videos which help their patients in their journey of quitting drugs. They started their journey with the ambition of building a drug-free community and they have been helping patients to quit drugs in this pursuit. 

Paraphernalia for parents

Here is a list of items that, if present in your child’s room, are red flags:

  1. Aluminium foil – These are the most common ways of consuming drugs. 
  2. Spoons, bottle caps, belts, bandanas – These items indicate the use of intravenous drugs. 
  3. Baggies and cellophane – Finding small plastic bags in the child’s room regularly mean that your child carries drugs in those bags. 
  4. Pipes and bowls – Crack is typically smoked through glass cylindrical pipe. 


Finding any of these devices in the proximity or possession of your child is a red flag. 


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