July 20, 2024

How To Know If You Are A Candidate for Breast Reduction 

Overdeveloped breasts can cause unfavorable health concerns, including back, neck, and shoulder discomfort, sleeping problems, and skin diseases. Aside from the physical difficulties, women with excessively big breasts frequently confront an equally tough emotional burden. The feelings of uneasiness and self-consciousness that frequently accompany this condition are extremely genuine and are typically reason enough to contemplate breast reduction surgery. Schedule an appointment today for more information about plastic surgery in San Diego

Sometimes, breast reduction surgery may be partially reimbursed by your insurance provider. However, if your BMI exceeds 35, insurance will not fund breast reduction surgery, and it is unsafe to conduct. Furthermore, the treatment will only be conducted on individuals who wish to reduce their breasts by at least two cup sizes.

A breast lift may be recommended for patients not qualifying for breast reduction surgery. A breast lift (mastopexy) can restore their young look if your breasts are drooping, sagging, or flattened. Depending on your specific needs and intended outcomes, the surgery can be conducted with or without implants.

Symptoms that may suggest that you should get your breasts reduced

If you have one or more of the following symptoms or problems, you could be a suitable candidate for reduction mammoplasty:

  • Shoulder grooves produced by tight bra straps
  • Heavy breasts, causing back, neck, and shoulder pain.
  • Breasts that are too big in comparison to one’s physical size.
  • Breasts that are not of equal size (one much bigger than the other)
  • Heavy, drooping breasts with downward-pointing nipples and areolas
  • Poor posture as a result of breast size
  • Owing to breast size, inability to participate in athletic/physical activities
  • Rashes and/or inflammation of skin trapped beneath the breasts
  • Sleeping difficulties as a result of breast tenderness while lying down
  • Self-consciousness over one’s breast size

A breast reduction may provide significant relief if you suffer one or more of these symptoms regularly. Your breasts will be proportional to your body size following breast reduction surgery. Aside from relieving discomfort, breast reduction can improve the shape and look of your breasts and the comfort and fit of your clothes. 


Your plastic surgeon will almost certainly:

  • Examine your medical history as well as your overall wellness.
  • Discuss how big you want your breasts to be and how they should look after the procedure.
  • Describe the procedure and its risks and advantages, including the possibility of scarring and loss of sensation.

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