July 20, 2024

How You Can Benefit from Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a treatment option that can help you heal certain conditions like fibromyalgia. Your specialist will recommend massage therapy depending on the severity of your condition. Body Balance Chiropractic & Wellness Center provides various massage therapies to alleviate pain and other symptoms.

What issues can benefit from a massage?

  • Fibromyalgia
  •  Nerve pain
  • Sports injuries
  • Low back and neck pain
  • Digestive disorders
  • Headaches
  • Muscle strains

Benefits of massage therapy

Although the primary benefit of massage therapy is relaxation, you can experience many more benefits to your emotional and physical health. Whether you have a headache or are recovering from a sports injury, massages can help you resume your daily routine much faster.

Increases circulation

You can benefit from a deep tissue massage if you suffer from poor blood circulation. Your therapist will manipulate the deep tissues in your limbs to promote increased blood flow. To promote blood flow, you must lie down while your therapist works on your calf or arm muscles.

If you have diabetes, massage can help lower your blood sugar levels and promote a healthy heart. If you don’t want to lie down, your therapist can recommend a massage chair to help you increase the blood flow in your feet.

Relaxes tense nerves

Tension in your nerves can lead to exhaustion, inability to sleep, and digestive issues. Although you are not suffering from a specific disease or condition, the tension will limit how you perform your daily duties.

You can benefit from massage therapy which can unwind tight knots in targeted areas. If you are too tired, the massage will help lower your blood pressure and heart rate to create a conducive environment for relaxation and recovery.

Removes toxin buildup in your muscles

Massage therapy can help with detoxification. By manipulating your muscles, your therapist can apply specific techniques to remove toxins from your muscles. The toxins released will enter your bloodstream, which can be excreted from the body.

When you remove harmful toxins from your body, you promote healthy skin and overall health.

Increases flexibility in your connective tissues and muscles

If you stretch before and after your workouts, you appreciate the smooth flow of your exercises. Massages also work in the same way to increase your flexibility. If you have tight hips, your therapist can help you increase your range of motion by massaging specific areas.

The technique that your therapist will apply will help increase tissue elasticity, which will help with endurance. Once your muscles can endure exercises, you will be able to increase your performance.

What should you do after a massage session?

Since the treatment is relaxing, you can opt to rest or sleep. In addition to rest, you can hydrate and eat. Your therapist can give you instructions to reap the maximum benefits from your massage.

If you work in a stressful environment or suffer an ailment, visit Body Balance Chiropractic & Wellness Center for treatment. The team will evaluate your condition and ascertain what type of massage will best benefit you. Call or book an appointment online today.  

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