April 21, 2024

Knowing Everything About Under Eye Fillers

With increasing age, your skin undergoes a lot of changes and variations. Especially, the skin under the eyes starts to differ in both color and texture from the rest of the face. There can be many reasons for this but the most common ones being the effect of UV radiation due to constant usage of gadgets or stepping outside in the sun. This results in the formation of dark circles, giving your eyes a hollow look, which is followed by wrinkles and fine lines in these areas. To overcome such problems, specialists usually suggest under eye fillers, details about which are given below:

What are they?

These are commonly known as tear trough filler. They are applied under the eyes to ensure the areas are lightened. It makes the under eyes look brighter and plumper. These fillers make you look more natural and youthful in just a few sessions.

There will be demarcated areas under your eyes that will be injected with gel-like fillers. This will help to diffuse your dark circles. Also, the hollow tear troughs will also get filled, which will make you look livelier while imparting you an even-toned skin.

Different types of fillers

There are multiple types of fillers being used today, which varies as per different skin problems. Your aesthetician will advise you on the best one, which is most suitable for you.

Hyaluronic acid fillers

This acid is naturally created by the body but when you use the synthetic gel fillers, they mimic this composition. Collagen production is boosted as a result of this and your eye regions look radiant in no time. They are transparent and look extremely natural.

Poly-L lactic acid fillers

It is a biocompactic filler that is also synthetic. It is applied through linear threading procedures in and around the eye. This promotes collagen production at a rapid rate and can last longer in your skin.

Calcium hydroxylapatite filler

This filler is composed of phosphate and calcium, which can easily boost collagen production under the skin to make it look brighter and younger. Collagen production is boosted almost instantly with its use and there are lesser chances of any chemical reaction with this filler type. It is a simple fat transfer process and is not at all harmful for the body.

To rejuvenate your under eye areas and to keep looking young, opt for under-eye filler treatment today.

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