February 7, 2023

Dentist and orthodontist concept. Young woman cleaning and brushing teeth with blue braces using toothbrush

Orthodontic Maintenance and Cleaning

The delivery of regular deep cleanings and exams is the most frequent and fundamental task performed by a dentist in Diamond Bar, CA. These are important actions for maintaining the health of your gums and teeth over the long term. This post will discuss the various dental cleanings, who receives them, and their general “objective” regarding your oral health.

It is crucial to comprehend a few basic phrases in diagnosing and treating gum disease before moving on to the various cleaning procedures. Please keep the following in mind:

  • Plaque is a biofilm that bacteria produce to help them better adhere to and anchor to the tooth.
  • The effect of plaque solidifying on teeth is tartar or calculus. This chemical has the potential to hasten gum disease progression and tooth decay.
  • Pockets with a depth of 1-3 mm are considered healthy and manageable with routine brushing. Plaque/calculus irritation of the gum tissue far from the natural tooth causes anything deeper.
  • Bone Loss: When plaque and calculus are present for an extended period, the body’s immune system reacts by reducing the elevation of the bone surrounding the tooth.

Preventive cleaning

Typically, you would obtain this regular cleaning twice a year with a six-month recall. As implied by the phrase “prophylactic,” this cleaning is solely preventative. Given the patient’s minimal dental plaque, shallower periodontal pockets, and lack of bone loss, the patient’s gum tissue is regarded as being within the healthy range in this instance. 

Periodontal recall

Periodontal disease is no longer being prevented; instead, it is now clinically evident by the extensive calculus infection and tissue separation. These patients have dental scaling because they have several pockets deeper than 4 mm, or what a toothbrush can remove. The main objective of this visit is to stop a moderate disease from getting worse, with the aim that you will soon resume receiving regular cleanup.

Scaling and root planning

People who last visited a dentist a while ago often fall into the last category of cleanings. These individuals have an excessive amount of calculus, nearly every tooth has periodontal pockets more prominent than 4 mm, and their entire mouths have excessive bone loss. This provides root planning and scaling to remove calcification and plaque at its most invasive levels. The whole mouth is cleaned during two to four treatments, typically under anesthesia. The objective is to establish a healthier foundation for your mouth so that it may be better managed through routine cleaning appointments and your own at-home oral care regimen.