February 21, 2024

Primary Teeth Lay A Foundation For Your Permanent Dentition 

You may be under the impression that your child’s primary or baby teeth are not of great importance, since they eventually fall out. However, this is not true. Maintaining proper oral health from the beginning of tooth eruption is extremely crucial. It has a positive impact on your child’s lifelong oral health, and overall health and well-being as well. 

Healthy baby teeth are related to a child’s initial emotional, physical, and social development. This is possible through the combined efforts of the parents and family dentist in St. Cloud, MN

Importance of primary teeth 

One of the most important tasks of the primary teeth is to hold the space in the jaws that is essential for the proper development of permanent adult teeth in the future. They help maintain the integrity of the oral tissues (gums, and bone) that pave the way for permanent dentition when they are ready to erupt. 

During the time of permanent teeth eruption, the primary teeth roots resorb, become loose and eventually fall out.

If the baby tooth falls out too early it could lead to spatial problems since the adjacent teeth begin to tilt towards the space, giving no room for the permanent teeth to erupt. Eventually, this leads to crowding of the teeth which can dramatically compromise oral hygiene. Your dentist would then have to use orthodontic space maintainers to create space for the permanent teeth.

Thus taking care of baby teeth is important to reduce your child’s risk of developing dental diseases and the need for extensive dental treatments. 

Healthy primary teeth benefit oral health and overall well being

Primary teeth eruption usually occurs at 6 months of age. The child would have the entire set of primary teeth during the preschool age. 

Primary teeth benefit in the following ways:

  • Eating and nutrition 
    • Children with decayed or malaligned teeth are prone to dietary deficiency, malnourishment, and being underweight. 
    • Healthy primary teeth promote good chewing habits and nutritious eating. 
  • Speech and development
    • The ability to speak clearly helps in the cognitive, social, and emotional development of the child. 
    • Primary teeth promote correct pronunciation and prevent tongue thrusting.
  • Good social interaction
    • Healthy and aesthetically pleasing teeth promote positive social interaction and instill a sense of confidence in young kids.
  • Straighter smiles
    • Primary teeth facilitate proper space for the eruption of permanent teeth in the appropriate alignment. 
    • This provides aesthetically appealing smiles in kids.
  • Good oral health
    • Healthy primary teeth promote good oral hygiene since there is reduced plaque and bacteria accumulation. 
    • Children have a reduced risk of dental diseases through healthy primary teeth. 

Final note 

Primary teeth form the foundation and pave the way for the eruption of permanent teeth. Thus keeping them healthy is essential to avoid any unwanted dental diseases in the future. 

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