July 20, 2024

Recognizing Meth Addiction Symptoms in You or a Loved One

Methamphetamine takes a toll on a person, physically and mentally. As the use continues, it can become more and more apparent in the person’s physical appearance. Often, friends and family will notice that the person’s behaviors change. So if you or someone you know exhibits meth addiction symptoms, it’s important to know that there is help available. 

Skin Sores and Acne

A person who uses meth may develop sores or acne. For one, the drug may weaken the person’s immune system. The drug suppresses a person’s white blood cells. As a result, the person’s body is less able to fight off bacteria that cause infections and acne. 

An increase in sweat when the person uses can cause acne. Plus, the body will release the toxins in meth through sweat, which can lead to skin irritation and ulceration. 

Additionally, a person may experience hallucinations, also known as “meth mites,” which will cause the person to pick at his or her skin. 

The drug can take over the individual’s life, so he or she won’t take care of his or her personal hygiene, which can further worsen skin problems. 

Weight Loss

Meth addiction symptoms include weight loss. The drug causes a reduction in appetite while also increasing the person’s energy levels. Not to mention, meth can lead to muscle loss. As a person continues to use, the weight loss becomes extreme. 

Rotted Teeth 

Rotted teeth are one of the meth addiction symptoms for a number of reasons. Firstly, the meth is acidic, and acid wears away at tooth enamel. Secondly, the drug causes dehydration. Saliva helps to clean your teeth. When a person has less of it, bacteria can feast on the food particles that remain. Additionally, saliva contains minerals that are necessary for the remineralization process of enamel. When the teeth can’t get enough of the minerals, they can’t remineralize and will begin to break down. 

A person is abusing meth may not take care of his or her hygiene like he or she should, which can further worsen teeth and gum problems caused by meth use. 

Erratic Mood Changes

Meth use causes a person to go from one extreme to another, which leads to frequent mood changes. Additionally, when a person experiences withdrawal from meth, it can cause him or her to suffer from depression and agitation. 

Psychotic Symptoms

During withdrawal, a person may become delusional or paranoid. He or she may also suffer from hallucinations. 

Meth addiction will change how a person looks and may change him or her mentally. It’s vital to receive help as soon as possible to prevent further worsening of the physical and mental issues meth use causes. 

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