July 20, 2024

Searching for Rapidly Deployable Healthcare Pod Solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause havoc for the healthcare industry, and the threat of a second wave looms large. From public hospitals to the private institutions, the battle for patient beds is one of the biggest stumbling blocks in the bid to provide the world-class care needed to support the infected and contain the rate of infection.

Quite simply, standard facilities are not built to handle the level of cases that another spike could bring. Therefore, all managers of business in this sector must prepare for the potential fallout. Rapidly deployable healthcare pod solutions, such as isolation pods, healthcare pods, and nursing pods, offer the perfect solution.

What Exactly Are Rapidly Deployable Healthcare Pod Solutions?

Rapidly deployable healthcare pod solutions are, in their most basic sense, a collection of temporary medical facilities that can be used to treat and quarantine patients. While they could theoretically be used to treat patients with varying conditions, they are primarily designed with COVID-19 infections in mind.

Isolation pods, medical pods, and nursing pods are manufactured by Architectural Wallsz and deliver prefabricated solutions that may be used to convert existing wards or create new temporary care facilities in other venues. 

The latter could include;

>Gymnasium transformations,

>Warehouse transformations,

>New constructions on car parks and unused land,

>New constructions to offer temporary hospital extensions,

>Mezzanine level constructions,

>Closed university transformations.


The healthcare pod solutions are essentially a form of temporary healthcare facility that can facilitate patient care when existing hospital facilities cannot cope with the demand. They can be rolled out up and down the country on small and large scales alike.

Why Rapidly Deployable Healthcare Pod Solutions?

The rapidly deployable healthcare pod solutions are, quite frankly, a safety net that could save lives and several medical healthcare companies in one fell swoop. While they need to be supported by a range of additional features, including exceptional healthcare professionals and the space for those temporary solutions to be utilised. Isolation pods, medical pods, and nursing pods are all available.

Nonetheless, healthcare pods deliver a range of rewarding features that can transform the healthcare industry in its bid to cope with COVID-19. 

Some of those telling features include, but are not limited to;

Their designs prevent the virus from spreading between booths or pods, delivering optimal safety,

They offer a cost-effective solution for mass patient care in dealing with COVID-19 cases,

Their spatial efficiency ensures that the greatest number of beds can be installed into a venue,

They come with the essentials needed to provide world-class care and can also include power supplies,

Their designs are, despite their size, able to prevent claustrophobic feelings.

They can be designed, delivered, and erected in rapid times with up to 500 being used in just 30 days.

The use of rapidly deployable pod solutions could be the best option for patients, caregivers, and businesses alike. At this time of immense pressure for the healthcare sectors, their benefits are incredible.

What Healthcare Pod Solutions Are Available?

The healthcare pod solutions are available in multiple configurations, enabling healthcare providers to decipher the best setup to utilise the available space. Optional features, such as the inclusion of power facilities or roofing, will add further versatility throughout the process. However, the fundamental choices are as follows:

Care Rooms Pods

 The nursing pods are 3.6m x 3m rooms that can be used to treat and monitor patients. They fit a bed, alongside key medical equipment, and use 100mm wide aluminium frames with 6mm glass. There is also the option to have the rooms fitted with modular power and quick-connect cables.

Care room pods are excellent for small scale venuesand may also be used by venues that are not primarily dealing with COVID-19 patients but may diagnose one while treating other issues.


Five-Room Isolation Pods

Configured as a row of five individual rooms connected by factory-assembled walls, the isolation pods are scalable to suit the needs of a facility. They are ideal for converting large venues into efficient quarantine spaces for dozens of people. They feature negative air pressure via a fan and HEPA filter.

The isolation rooms are primarily for quarantine rather than treatments, although patients can receive some basic types of care. The rooms can also feature anti-bacterial gel dispensers.


Large Scale Deployment Rooms

The largescale medical pods can deliver up to 500 units for use in a single space. The ergonomic designs are manufactured with the highest standards of design to offer maximum efficiency while also preventing any spread of the infection. They are ideal for transformations of warehouses and more.

Crucially the configurations can be made to fit the space, which can also take the needs of caregivers and hospital managers optimal control.

More Information on Our Range of Isolation Pods

If you are a healthcare professional who is interested in setting up another base, pod or hospital area then please do contact us today by calling 0121 374 0070or by visiting our website. We would be more than happy to work with you to give you the support you need throughout every phase of the construction.



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