July 20, 2024


With the development of modern medical technologies in the field of reproductive health, the demand for their use is growing, as such advances have touched on a much-needed issue that has been unresolved for many years. The problem of infertility is one of the popular problems, on a par with the human immunodeficiency virus, or cancer. Year after year the percentage of infertility and because of this the number of destructive couples is constantly growing. And with the help of assisted reproductive technologies we can say that we have managed to put a slight halt to this rate in our world. Surrogacy, as one of the types of ART, is in demand among infertile couples, despite a lot of critical opinions from the public, the church and even the government in some countries.

Thanks to this discovery, many families can have a child of their own and to keep their marriage in love and harmony. Surrogacy is a set of medical manipulations for the birth of a child, but it also requires a woman who voluntarily bears a child conceived through in vitro fertilization.

So, to participate in the reproductive maternity program one (it could be either the father or the mother depending on indications) or two genetic parents, a surrogate mother, license of a clinic specializing in IVF procedures with enough qualification to render the surrogate mother appropriate assistance during pregnancy and childbirth besides the insemination.

First, even if there are all the necessary requirements listed above, the surrogate mother may use the program only if there are special medical grounds on behalf of the couple. Namely:

On the male side:

  • Genetic factor,
  • Hormonal disorders.
  • Infectious diseases suffered in childhood (Mumps), contributing to infertility,
  • Genital trauma, surgical interventions that impair fertility.

On the part of the woman:

  • A history of surgical operations that resulted in the removal of the uterus,
  • Multiple unsuccessful IVF attempts when successful embryos simply do not result in a pregnancy after transfer.
  • Various malformations of the cervix and uterine body,
  • Concomitant chronic diseases that are absolute contraindications to pregnancy,
  • adhesions that are not subject to treatment.

Delivering Dreams Agency will help you achieve your desired goal of becoming parents through surrogacy. We will be with you every step of the way, from the first consultation to the birth of the baby and handing him/her over to you.  It is not an easy way, but we will do our best to make you get only positive emotions from the process.

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