February 21, 2024

Types of Oral Systematic Associations

Your oral health is linked with your physical fitness because of the bacteria and other components that enter your blood through your buccal cavity. So you must maintain excellent oral hygiene for long-lasting and more robust teeth. The bacteria in your oral cavity enter the blood and reach different body parts, affecting their health internally. 

Moreover, if your mouth has an infection and it reaches into your system, the bacteria and viruses related to it can cause other physical health issues in your body. Some of the substances released by this infection can irritate your blood vessels and other internal structures. 

If you face any gum infection or dental problem, contact Littleton general dentistry as soon as possible and get it treated to avoid further damage. There are sometimes real systematic associations through which your mouth cavity can affect your physical health. 

Types of oral systematic associations

  • Atherosclerosis 

Atherosclerosis is a common inflammatory disease that can co-exist with gum diseases. However, these diseases are completely curable if given the proper care and treatment at the right; one should not ignore them at all. 

If you notice any signs of gum disease like pain or discomfort, bleeding, etc., make sure you visit the dentist immediately and get yourself treated. 

  • Pneumonia 

Gum infections or diseases are prone to enter the thoracic region, including the lungs. Untreated gum infections can lead to bacteria attacking different bodies, such as the lungs. Pneumonia is a respiratory disorder where there is water trapped inside your lungs. Although the disease is quite common, it severely affects a person’s health and can result in death. 

  • Diabetes 

Diabetes and gums infections have a complex relationship. While diabetes affects the function of our body due to contamination of our blood, they are also easily infected with gum diseases. This is because diabetes affects our immune system making it difficult for our body to fight bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. 

An effective remedy to reduce gum infection and disease in a diabetes patient is to consume antibiotics prescribed by a doctor. 

  • Hearth diseases 

A person suffering from gum disease increases the level of pathogens flowing inside their blood. These pathogens in the blood can increase the risk of cardiac disease-causing blood clots in the heart. 

People already dealing with heart disease are advised to consume antibiotics regularly to avoid severe consequences. These antibiotics will prevent the growth of pathogens and bacteria in your blood and avoid any medical complications.

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