February 21, 2024

What Are Some Things About The Same Dental Crowns You May Not Know?

You could find it annoying to plan many appointments in order to acquire the dental crown you require if your schedule is already packed owing to your job, family obligations, or other commitments that put you on the go. Luckily, same-day dental crowns can save you time and the inconvenience of making several trips across town. 

Here are some details regarding this smile improvement from your Spring, TX dentist that you might not be aware of.

  • Comfortable crowns require only one visit.

You spend less time in the dental clinic because placing this crown requires only one session. Less time will be spent tolerating pain or a tranquilizing shot as a result.

  • Require the same amount of maintenance as conventional crowns.

To achieve the desired outcomes, you should not be concerned about extra steps to your dental hygiene routine. The same care must be given to same-day dental crowns as to conventional dental crowns. Continue to clean your teeth twice a day and floss once. Visit your dentist for routine cleanings and examinations every six months.

  • The same price as conventional crowns.

You would assume that same-day crown implantation would be more costly than more sophisticated technology, but it does not require your dentist to fabricate an interim crown or send your imprints to a lab. In the end, getting this option usually costs about as much as getting a conventional crown.

  • They can be there in only two hours.

A new dental crown can be installed in only one appointment, which will not take very long. Traditional crowns require two to three appointments spread out over a few weeks. A same-day dental crown can be developed, machined, and positioned in roughly two hours. Your final repair will then be finished!

  • They are constructed of sturdy porcelain.

You would be relieved to learn that this is not the case if you were concerned that a less expensive material caused the shorter time. The same resilient porcelain used in conventional lab-milled crowns is also used in same-day crowns. It would be best if you were not concerned about your height because it can resist all the regular wear and tear that your natural teeth go through.

  • Same-day crowns appear natural.

Same-day porcelain crowns look just as natural as conventional ones since they are constructed of the same material. To perfectly complement the remainder of your grin, they are made to be the same size, shape, and color.

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