July 20, 2024

An athlete receiving rehibilitative care for a sports injury.

What is Athletic Therapy and How does it help?

Unlike its name, athletic therapy is not solely for athletes. It is a form of treatment that can work for patients ranging from kids with concussions to seniors recovering from severe surgeries. 

Colloquially, it is seen as an immediate side-line assistance during sporting events. However, athletic therapy extends well beyond and can help anyone with chronic pains and injuries. The therapists usually tackle issues involving orthopaedic injuries, which could be in the form of sprains, concussions, fractures, strains and so on. 

If you have been wondering whether you should go for an athletic therapy, you need to get acquainted with how it helps so you can determine if it works for you. 

So, lets dive in and know the key areas where athletic therapy can help!

1] Injury prevention 

Prevention is always better than cure. Athletic therapy not just helps you treat the current injuries but also ensure future injuries are prevented. This is done through conditioning exercise programs, educating the patients about potential sources and types of injuries, selecting appropriate equipment, recommending taping and bracing strategies and so on. 

2] Immediate care  

During sporting events especially in case of aggressive sports like rugby, there is always a chance of injuries during play. For this purpose, athletic therapists are available at sporting events to provide emergency care or life support until urgent care can be reached. 

3] May help avoid surgeries

Sometimes injuries are severe enough to require surgeries. Athletic therapy has the potential to speedy recovery at affordable costs as compared to surgeries. Statistics suggest this can cut down 72% of expenses that would otherwise be incurred on surgery.  

4] Strengthen physique 

Certain sports like boxing require high physical resilience. This can be gained by strengthening ligaments, joints, and muscles to reach full potential. Athletic therapy provides you the solutions to do so. 

5] Muscle joint flexibility 

There is no sport devoid of requiring muscle and joint flexibility. You can attain this vital component through athletic therapy. 

6] Cardiopulmonary benefits 

A healthy heart ensures overall wellbeing. Through athletic therapy, you can augment your cardio fitness by improving your endurance and breathing patterns.

All in all, athletic therapy adheres to the target modalities with problems and helps rehabilitate and recondition. At Integral Performance Physiotherapy clinic, you can have yourself assessed and gain the most optimal therapy tailored to fix you and make you better! 

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