January 30, 2023

Will Smoking Hemp Get You High?

You may be asking yourself if smoking hemp makes you high. Is hemp high enough in THC to get you high?

No. You won’t get high from smoking hemp. 

It is unlikely that hemp contains enough THC to produce any euphoric effects. Hemp’s high CBD content is well-known. It is not psychoactive so it keeps you relaxed and calm.

Which Part of the Hemp Plant Is Safe to Smoke?

Although the entire plant can be called hemp, that doesn’t mean all parts of it can be smoked. Some parts of the plant have high CBD levels, while others have low to no CBD.

The flowers have higher CBD concentrations, making them the most enjoyable part of the plant. It has a lot of medicinal properties that give it therapeutic benefits.

You can also smoke, though the potency and maturity of the plant will determine if the leaves contain a significant amount of CBD.

How Does It Make You Feel to Smoke Hemp Flowers?

The bud of the hemp plant, which is what you smoke, can give you a feeling of calm and relaxation.

Hemp flower is the part of the hemp plant that contains high levels of CBD and no more than 0.3% THC. Smoking hemp flowers will allow you to absorb more CBD directly into the bloodstream. This allows you to enjoy the best hemp flower smoking experience.

It is important to remember that hemp flowers contain very little THC, so you won’t feel high or intoxicated.

Which Part of the Hemp Plant Is Safe to Smoke?

Hemp seed has very low levels of CBD and other compounds. However, the stems contain CBD and other compounds as well. People who have smoked them before say that they are very hard and can cause nausea and abdominal pains.

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